IceKool 70 Cooler Box

This Icekool Evakool cooler is ideal for your 2 Litre bottles and can even stand upright in the cooler.This heavy-duty, durable and robust cooler can be used to sit on without sinking in like other brands. Furthermore, its big enough to use for the whole family and on long-weekend breakaways. Two other cool features include:

1. Easy to use drain-bung

2. Handles can be used as tie-down points



Why choose our Evakool Icekool Cooler Boxes:

A choice of 19 practical sizes designed with 20 years of experience to lean on. Designed for the harshest of condition Рdouble tough polyethylene wall construction with a filling of refrigeration grade polyurethane (ISO Polyal) insulation foam. Wall insulation with a thickness of 25mm to 50mm depending on the model. Stretch hold downs loops for constant lid pressure with food quality seal. Roto-moulded cabinet. Light blue colour that reflects heat. Will keep ice for 3 to 10 days (depending on model). Leak proof, rustproof, corrosion free and UV treated. Moulded one piece inner Рhygienic and easy to clean. Lightweight, crack and chip resistant yet strong enough to sit or stand on. Thorough drainage with internal drain recess on larger models, for total drainage ease of use. Quality fittings with handles that can be used as tie downs. All models carry a 5 year no fuss warranty.

Tips for Maximizing Ice Days*:

  • Ambient conditions: Ice lasts much longer in cool shady place than in direct sunlight.
  • Solid Ice lasts longer than cubes, ice machine cups or crushed ice
  • Cool Coolerbox and content with ice overnight before being used.
  • Avoid opening the Coolerbox
  • Do not remove melted ice unless replaced with ice.

External Dimensions:




600mm 450mm 460mm

Internal Dimensions:





510mm 365mm 370mm 68.9L

Wall Thickness


Ice Days*

25mm 8kg 6