Take control of your autopilot from anywhere on board with this easy to use, pocket size, wireless remote controller. Perfect for all types of motor and fishing boats.  A simple process to engage or disengage gives you the ability to control your direction, with a 1 or 10 degree course change, from 30m from the waterproof Bluetooth base station.  Simple to fit and connect to existing systems, up to 4 remotes can be paired to the base station.



Wireless autopilot controller and base station use the latest in Bluetooth technology to give the boater control of his boat from anywhere on-board with a connectivity range of 30 meters.  The waterproof base station can be deck or pole mounted and easily retro-fitted to an existing autopilot system via a Micro-C cable.  The compact remote (the size of a car key fob) can be slipped in a pocket, worn on the wrist or lanyard and can be paired with up to three additional handsets.

The remote is like having an extra pair of hands on-board when you are voyaging or fishing.  Its small size and simple push button operation allows you to change course: one push will alter course by 1 degree while a long push will alter course by 10 degrees; useful when trying to dodge obstructions like fishing pots in the water.  In addition you can toggle between Auto and No Drift mode, and the status LED will clearly show whether the command has been acknowledged or not, pairing status, and low battery.